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Thank you Retired4Hire! We found a friendly and professional man to draw up plans for our lovely new extension. We were very pleased with the results... Mrs. A Jones, Wiltshire
This website is Genius! Great idea. We found someone to give us sound unbiased legal advice, thank you so much!... Mr. R Perry, Isle of Weight
Fantastic! There are many amazing people on here... We found someone reliable to help out in the garden from time to time. ... Mrs. J M Morgan, Nottinghamshire

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1. What if my question is not answered here? Please email us:

2. Is it free? Yes every service is free. i.e. to advertise a Job or Skill, or to message someone. (We make money through sponsorship. Read more)

3. Do I need to be Retired? - Put simply - Our database is not for people who have a full time income, it's for people who are retired or semi-retired, or about to retire. It is to enhance people's life by adding some funds, and just as importantly, to add interesting activities to their lives.

4. Why do I need to register to contact someone? We do this so that you can have a log in which protects your contact information... Maintaining Privacy is important to us.

5. What if I am retired but still young? That's fine. Our definition of 'retired' has nothing to do with age, but is about whether you are in a job. We welcome people of any age. However we believe that if you are over 40 or 50 you are definitely not past it, but also you may have useful skills at a younger age too.

6. Can I register more than one skill? Yes, certainly, just list as many skills as you like when you put in your profile, or add more later, and the search will find those when someone needs one of your skills.

7. Do I have to publish a price for the skills I am offering? No you don't - you can negotiate a price with someone who contacts you, once you have discussed the work, or even once you meet them in person. It's up to you.

8. Why are you running this website when you don't take a cut? We believe in the principle of helping both those with skills and those who need help from those skills, and we also want to help the older end of the population, and if we make a bit of money from the advertising then that's a bonus that will at least partially fund our efforts.


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