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Job details added by user: SteveMc


Added by: SteveMc

Added 2017-05-02 16:21:14
Anywhere in the UK
  • customer service
  • customer support
  • transport


Job Title: Customer Service Representative Field Based - Vehicle Auditing Firm


SOAR is an inventory management system, which combines a Smartphone App, The Cloud and electronic tagging (Near Field Communication / NFC) to deliver its service. The service is currently being operated at Motor Dealers across the UK to complete inventory checks and audits on behalf of a major Vehicle Stock Funder (The Client).

We are seeking motivated Part-Time Field Service Representatives nationwide to visit Dealers as required to ensure smooth operation of the SOAR system while delivering the highest quality of customer service.

There is a relatively low time commitment and attractive remuneration. Ideal for those wishing to top up their income.

While at appointments each Representative will perform key tasks related to device troubleshooting, Dealer staff training and instruction. These include:
• Conducting device and software operation testing;
• Inspecting location connectivity (Wi-Fi / Mobile);
• Performing electronic tag testing;
• Executing, sample stock checks;
• Completing visit reports;
• Ability to be at a Dealer location within 48 hours to facilitate the scheduling of Dealer appointments;
• Teaming up with other SOAR Representatives to share important information or work in tandem with them from time to time;

All candidates must have a full, clean driving licence and unhindered access to vehicle use. Knowledge of the automotive, banking or finance sectors would be an advantage, but not compulsory.

All Field Representatives must have an excellent understanding of Android smartphones, operation of Apps and an ability to quickly grasp a new support software package. They also need to interact with e-mail and word processing software.

SOAR Field Based Customer Service Representatives need to be available to operate on a 9am – 5.30pm working day, within a maximum of 48 hours’ notice. Visits normally occur from Monday to Friday, however, in exceptional circumstances, out of hours, weekend or Public Holiday visits may be required. Based on previous experience at current network volumes each representative will perform approx. 50 – 90 support visits annually.

Single 1 appointment £36.00
½ Day 2 appointments £60.00
Full day 4 appointments (max) £100.00

The number of support visits cannot be guaranteed for each Representative, for this reason each successful candidate will receive a minimum threshold payment (or balance thereof) annually in cases where their Dealer visits have not reached that threshold.



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