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Job details added by user: middle temple


Added by: middle temple

Added 2017-05-30 13:14:07
  • ability to listen
  • training and development
  • tutor


Job Title: Health and Social Care Vocational Trainer/Autism Awareness Trainer


We are looking for a health and social care/autism specialist Trainer for Grossdale Vocational Institute. We are based in London and Essex. The successful candidate will be able to deliver dynamic teaching to adults from diverse backgrounds who are employed in the care sector.

The candidate is expected to provide face to face class room induction training. The role requires some coaching, development including ensuring that all our clients' staff are up to date with their mandatory training. Additional duties, may include:
•Assessing workbooks
•Learning and development planning.
•Training Coordination and administration

To be successful in this role you’ll need to be a people person who is able to represent and promote their values and be passionate about supporting learners through their development. You will have previous experience of training and mentoring care staff and you must have a confident but friendly nature.

Grossdale Vocational Institute is a growing, innovative and progressive organisation which welcomes candidates who are looking to share their tutoring and training skills.

Grossdale Institute will provide teaching resources for Trainers. Tutoring sometimes takes place at our client's workplace and on some occasions at our venue on London or Essex



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