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Job details added by user: GeorgeMacp


Added by: GeorgeMacp

Added 2017-06-25 15:30:51
Anywhere in the UK
  • editing
  • writing
  • research


Job Title: Consultant, editor and ghostwriter on fun commercial fiction project


Do you like...?
1) Ancient Greece and Rome
2) the novels of Wilbur Smith
3) the novels of James Clavell
4) the Iliad and the Odyssey
then you'll love this job!

The aim is to read a draft of a novel, provide editorial advice, then restructure and redraft certain gaps, as well as to change the vocab register it is written in. I have a clear idea of what it should be like and would love to learn from you on what we can improve.

The project I estimate will take up to 100 hours.
2 hours a week for one year. Quarter to half an hour on the phone with me and then the rest spent writing/editing.
Creative writing and editing required: clear models provided for style and register
Some research required (some into ancient world; some into novels used as models)
Ideal for someone who is retired, loves reading and is looking for a part-time project.

Knowledge of Greek and Roman Classics would be very helpful, but not essential; a love of bestseller fiction also required: Robert Harris, George Macdonald Fraser, H Ryder Haggard, Ken Follett (to a lesser extent), John Fowles, Jorge Luis Borges, L de Bernieres, J le Carré, etc

There are a number of other novels (contemporary and historical fiction) I am working on that could lead to further projects. Looking for a long-term literary relationship.
I studied Greats (Classics) at Oxford.



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