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Job details added by user: VIYProject


Added by: VIYProject

Added 2017-11-30 16:00:25
Anywhere in the UK
  • diy
  • carpentry
  • plumbing


Job Title: Looking for skills and DIY mentors for community DIY projects


My name is Tom and I work for a company called VIY.

We run community DIY projects up and down the country. We find community spaces in need of repair and mentor young people to complete the repairs themselves. The space, be it a youth centre, sports club or otherwise, is brought back into use, the young people gain skills and the community comes together to make something good happen!

We\\\'re always on the look out for mentors and volunteers for our projects. To be a mentor or volunteer, you don\\\'t need to have any formal qualifications. Just to be good with your hands and have a passion for DIY!

We do projects across the whole country, so we\\\'re looking for mentors or volunteers everywhere.

Initially, you\\\'d come along to a few of our projects to lend a hand on a voluntary basis. But if things progress and you want to get more involved, there may be the option to be paid by us as well.

If you\\\'re interested, drop us an email at or give me a ring on 07813 141035.



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