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Job details added by user: GeeGee


Added by: GeeGee

Added 2019-01-15 10:12:47
  • driving


Job Title: Ambassador driver


Join an eco-conscious and growing company!
Cloud Cars are seeking professional drivers to fulfil the role of an Ambassador driver. We welcome applications from both male and female and as the company deals predominantly in the corporate market we require individuals who are smart, well spoken and have a good command of the English language.
Cloud Cars have recently obtained a number of exclusive contracts that is enabling us to grow, and as such we would like to recruit enthusiastic individuals who believe they are able to offer a great service.
Cloud Cars will provide you with a vehicle and other benefits that are rare in the taxi driver world. The job demands that individuals are client focused and can meet the challenges of providing transport for employees and Executives of major employers in Nottingham. The standards of behaviour and dress they expect reflects the standards that we require for our Ambassadors.
As an applicant you should have a good knowledge of Nottingham - a short test will be conducted in the interview if you are asked to attend.
Skills required:
• Dependability
• Customer Service
• Professional Attitude
• Confidentiality
• Teamwork & most importantly
• a ’Want to, Can do’ attitude.

We expect our Ambassadors to be earning above the normal taxi drivers’ income, and as we grow we expect the opportunity for you to grow being achieved as well. In return, we ask for people who are flexible in their working hours, who want to achieve a good level of income in a friendly environment and individuals who will promote our company by committing to our principles. Above all, we want individuals who are committed to our beliefs and drive us to more success!
If you do not have an approved taxi drivers licence we can assist you with the purchase of the badge and will provide training for you to give you the best chance of passing the tests that are set by the licencing authority.
Cloud Cars is proud to be the first eco-cab company in Nottingham – our fleet is 100% eco-friendly. We have also been the recipients of national awards in the Profession for both the Best Small private hire company and the Best eco-friendly company in the UK, in 2105, 2016 and 2017.
If you believe that you can match our high standards, then we would love to hear from you.
0115 8244244 or 07957361841



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