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Job details added by user: Magic Me


Added by: Magic Me

Added 2019-05-28 16:03:52
Bethnal Green
  • finance
  • administration
  • operations management


Job Title: General Manager Parental leave


We are looking to appoint a General Manager for a fixed period to cover three months of parental leave from August to November 2019. The General Manager (parental leave cover) is a key member of Magic Me’s small staff team. You will work closely with the Director and the Programme Director as part of the Senior Leadership Team. As this is a fixed term contract we’re looking for someone who can jump straight into the role and hit the ground running.

The General Manager (parental leave cover) will be responsible for our organisational systems and processes including: financial management, HR, governance, monitoring and keeping the Magic Me office running day-to-day as an administrative hub. You will work closely with our accountancy firm, Kreston Reeves, who are responsible for creating quarterly management accounts.

The General Manager will be someone who can maintain and provide the right systems and structures to enable others to lead our arts projects, and provide ongoing, efficient administrative support.

We’re not only looking for someone with the skills to fulfil the role, but someone who is aligned with our organisational culture. Whether you’re a participant in a primary school, a member of staff, or if you’re sat on our board of trustees - we will listen to your ideas and opinions. We work collaboratively to bring out the best in people and to maximise their potential.

At Magic Me we value everyone who contributes to our success and we strive to nurture, develop and support them. We recognise that to meet our organisational objectives we need to be ambitious for all those we work with. We seek to be fully inclusive and have real diversity across the team. We believe this enriches the experience of everyone within the Magic Me community.

If Magic Me sounds like a good fit for you then we would love to hear from you.

For more information on the role and how to apply, please visit our website



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