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Job details added by user: Mel Y


Added by: Mel Y

Added 2019-07-30 12:18:25
  • support
  • carer
  • learning disabilities


Job Title: Respite Provider


Would you be open to sharing your time and your home occasionally, or even on a longer term basis, to make the difference to someone\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s life, whilst also being able to benefit from payment?

Shared Lives carers offer support and friendship from their own homes and communities to vulnerable people aged 16 and upwards.

As a self employed Shared Lives carer you will have the ability to boost your income, whilst sharing your home space and your time with a person who you will be matched with. You will share hobbies and interests and enjoy spending quality time together, whether it be as a permanent, regular or occasional placement.

You will make a massive impact on someone\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s life by providing a happy, secure space for them to thrive, develop life skills, become independent as they can be and have lots of fun enjoying social activities and shared interests with you, your family and friends.

Shared Lives carers receive payment for the support they provide, some of which is tax exempt, receive training and have ongoing support from a Shared Lives worker who will visit regularly.

Please contact for more information.



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