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Job details added by user: federico


Added by: federico

Added 2019-08-05 17:33:00
Anywhere in the UK
  • sales
  • marketing


Job Title: Salesperson for IT consultant, B2B


I am looking for a salesperson to sell my services to companies. Please understand my problem before contacting me.

I am an independent IT consultant. I am specialised in open source databases, in particular MySQL and MariaDB technologies. My consulting is highly technical, I wrote a book on this topic, I worked for a very important company in this field, and I occasionally talk at conferences.

My problem? I am terribly bad at selling anything.

I look for someone who is able to contact the right persons in a company, explain the advantages of using my services and choosing me as a consultant, and conduct negotiations if necessary.

No deep technical knowledge is required, but the person I\\\\\\\'ll choose needs to have a general understanding of what I do and why it is useful for companies. However, I am available to explain these things and answer any doubts.

We will agree a minimum price for my services and I will grant you 30% of the service price. If you prove to be able to bring at least one contract per month, I am available to change the terms of the agreement and grant you a monthly reward in addition to a percentage of the service price.



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