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Job details added by user: Asma


Added by: Asma

Added 2019-08-29 09:51:40
  • research
  • data entry
  • telephone people person


Job Title: Telephone Researcher


Are you confident, articulate and bright? Do you enjoy holding intelligent conversations on the phone, and finding out important information? Are you looking to work in an intellectually stimulating environment and learn new, interesting things? Then join the Winning Moves team as a temporary telephone researcher and work with us to help our clients to bring about positive, transformative societal change.

We are Winning Moves, a fast-growing research and evaluation consultancy with evidence at the heart of everything we do. Governments trust our insights to inform their policy and service decisions and improvement.

We need telephone interviewers to join our research team. Our researchers collect insights, data and evidence directly from those that Government aims their policy and services at.

Some of the things we’d like you to do includes:
- Conducting telephone interviews with respondents. What this really means is holding intelligent, fluid telephone conversations with businesses/individuals asking them a structured set of questions, and probing and clarifying their responses
- Collating and recording accurate and high-quality information obtained during your calls
- Engaging prospective respondents prior to interview; confidently and persuasively, yet respectfully, encouraging their participation in our research
- Participating in feedback sessions; critically thinking about what you are finding out from your calls and feeding back to the executive team
- Achieving productivity (number of interviews) and quality targets
- Being open to learning and improvement; we offer feedback and support.

A bit about yourself: It is okay if you haven’t done this job before. What we do is quite niche. But, having been ‘in the business’ for over 35 years, we know what the raw material of an excellent telephone researcher looks like. You are bright, tenacious and motivated with a natural and professional telephone manner. Inherently curious, you have great attention to detail and are able to simultaneously balance productivity and quality targets.

What you can expect at Winning Moves: the opportunity to partake in interesting and often politically important research projects for government clients; this work will look great on your CV; and there are great progression opportunities for the right person. It is an intellectually rewarding environment, and you will work alongside a great bunch of people who reflect our values of different, better, faster, agile, ethical, fun. You’ll be based in a comfortable office in the city centre with available refreshments.

Get in touch: If this sounds like you, then email with your CV and a summary letting us know why you’re the best telephone Ninja for the job.



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