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Job details added by user: 24x7Notts


Added by: 24x7Notts

Added 2020-11-19 14:17:28


Job Title: Passenger Assistant SEN Home to School Transport




The Opportunity

The work is every school day for both morning and afternoon runs, at an average of between 12.5 and 25 hours per week. This rewarding role is accompanying children and young adults with a range of Special Educational Needs to and from school.

24x7 Ltd is a successful family run business, that since 2003 has specialised in special needs passenger transport. The Directors of the company have used their many years of passenger transport experience to design and set up possibly the best and most effective special needs transport organisation in the country, which supplies both mainstream and special needs school transport on a contracted basis across the UK.

Monthly salary between £410 - £850 per month.

Overall Purpose of Job

· Support the transportation of children or adults to school, College or day care centres.

· Work closely with your driver and be liaison between parents and schools to ensure the safety and wellbeing of the children in your care whilst en route from and to school.

· To work in an effective, safe, flexible manner and support the operational goals of 24x7 Ltd

· Be available both am and pm for all school days

· All positions are Permanent but Part-Time


· Minimum of 21 years of age

· Must have experience of working with vulnerable children and/or young adults with a range of complex special educational needs including autism.

· Good command of the English language

· Enhanced DBS criminal record check as you will be working with children, young persons and/or vulnerable adults

· You should have a friendly and positive attitude, enjoy working with children and be reliable

· To assist passengers both in getting in and out of the vehicle and for the duration of the journey

· To undertake any training as and when required

· Passenger Assistants are required to be physically fit enough to assist our passengers to and from the vehicle on foot. Further training will be provided for passengers with wheelchairs, epilepsy and anaphylactic needs.

Passenger Assistant Benefits

· Term Time Work

· Part Time Hours

· Permanent Contract

· Holiday Pay

· Contributory Pension (where applicable)

· Enhanced DBS Clearance

· Hourly rate £8.72 per hour

· Training Provided

In order to start work, you will need to complete the following, which we will assist with;

· Enhanced DBS Clearance

· Right to Work Check

· All Training required specific to each contract

NB: Please note that this role is PART-TIME and TERM-TIME only, so sadly, this does not produce what could be construed as a \\\\\\\'living wage\\\\\\\'. This position is perfect for those looking to top-up their current household salary(ies)/pension. Stability for our clients is also paramount, therefore, we do ask you remain available every Monday to Friday during term time (190 days per year, the academic year) and that no holidays should be taken during term time, time taken during term-time will be unpaid.



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