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Thank you Retired4Hire! We found a friendly and professional man to draw up plans for our lovely new extension. We were very pleased with the results... Mrs. A Jones, Wiltshire
This website is Genius! Great idea. We found someone to give us sound unbiased legal advice, thank you so much!... Mr. R Perry, Isle of Weight
Fantastic! There are many amazing people on here... We found someone reliable to help out in the garden from time to time. ... Mrs. J M Morgan, Nottinghamshire

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Lawyer commercial, finance, corporate,employment

Location: Kingston upon Thames


corporate company secretary regulationemploymentproperty finance
drafting documentationwriting letters

About Me:

I am a former general counsel to a bank and large trading and finance company. I can offer help and advice to all types of business but I can also guide and assist individuals through disputes and legal problems.
I enjoy resolving issues and finding solutions to business issues and developments. I think that I could help small and medium size businesses in their negotiation of contracts or lending issues and help them to manage and ensure their corporate filing and board documentation is correct.
Here to offer help from my 40 years experience of business ,finance ,law and regulation.

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