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Thank you Retired4Hire! We found a friendly and professional man to draw up plans for our lovely new extension. We were very pleased with the results... Mrs. A Jones, Wiltshire
This website is Genius! Great idea. We found someone to give us sound unbiased legal advice, thank you so much!... Mr. R Perry, Isle of Weight
Fantastic! There are many amazing people on here... We found someone reliable to help out in the garden from time to time. ... Mrs. J M Morgan, Nottinghamshire

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Sql Database Developer/Tester/Report Writer on site or from home

Location: Stockton-on-Tees


software developer
software testing
home computer support
data analysis

About Me:

I am a professional Software Developer with twenty years experience in the database arena using SQL in (with Sql Server and Oracle mainly) for development, test and report writing.

Used to working on client sites and communicating at all business levels, completing associated documentation and mentoring staff into SQL development. I also have experience of recruitment at the professional level especially I.T. I operate through my own Ltd Co so would invoice rather than need to be paid a 'wage'.

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