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Thank you Retired4Hire! We found a friendly and professional man to draw up plans for our lovely new extension. We were very pleased with the results... Mrs. A Jones, Wiltshire
This website is Genius! Great idea. We found someone to give us sound unbiased legal advice, thank you so much!... Mr. R Perry, Isle of Weight
Fantastic! There are many amazing people on here... We found someone reliable to help out in the garden from time to time. ... Mrs. J M Morgan, Nottinghamshire

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Engineering Geologist/ Geotechnical Engineer

Location: Lymington


events organisation

About Me:

I have more than 40 years’ experience in the field of engineering geology with involvement in a wide range of building, civil engineering and natural resource assessment projects. He has expertise in the stability assessment of both man-made slopes and natural terrain, contract management, environmental studies, natural resource assessments, earthworks quality control, ground improvement works, safety inspections of abandoned tunnels and underground mine workings and laboratory testing.

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